Breed: Bichon Frisé

We have been involved in the Bichon breed since its arrival in this country, and have imported our Bichons from the leading kennels around the world (England, USA, New Zealand and Europe).

Kelzarki have owned and bred many of Australia’s top winning Bichons over the last decade - at least THREE times in that period, Kelzarki bichons have been “TOP TOY DOG in Australia” (the ONLY kennel to have bred/owned a bichon Frise which has won this award).

Most of our litters are sired by Best in Show winning champions, often from top winning dams. We receive many enquiries and most puppies are booked well before they are old enough to go.
The bichon breed is one of the most extrovert and “happy go lucky” of all the Toy breeds. The breed does NOT shed coat and is generally suitable for people who are otherwise allergic. They are excellent with children and never show aggression.

Our dogs are bred from the best International bloodlines. Our goal is to breed the best quality puppies which are free of any known genetic defects. Certainly, nobody can make “guarantees”, BUT Kelzarki has spent 30 odd years trying to get this right!!

Our puppies come with limited registration papers*, initial vaccination and are micro chipped. As well, we provide a Care booklet, Scissoring Guide and Grooming DVD (also a cautionary Flea Treatment and Wormer

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Les Bradney & Tom Tancred

Theresa Park - (New South Wales)
PhoneContact:02 4651231
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