Dalmatian breeders and puppies in Victoria

Dalmatian Puppies Victoria

Here you can find Dalmatian breeders and puppies in Victoria!

Dalmatian breeders in Victoria

Looking for Dalmatian for sale in Victoria? Here you can find Dalmatian breeders in Victoria and near me.

List of Dalmatian breeders in Victoria

  • JENDALLY, Dalmatian, Bendigo VIC, 0429991879, jendally@hotmail.com
  • WHYTEWOOD, Dalmatian, Yarra Valley VIC, 03 5964 8571, whytewood@bigpond.com
  • DIMADAL, Dalmatian, Junortoun (near Bendigo) VIC, 0488493109, info@dimadal.com.au
  • TRUDALS, Dalmatian, Melbourne VIC, 9752 1331, calcastar@hotmail.com
  • JALORCA, Dalmatian, Nar Nar Goon VIC, +61418514969, jalorca@bigpond.com.au
  • OUTLOOK, Dalmatian, Geelong VIC, 0432 021 467, outlookdalmatians@gmail.com
  • DALTERRA, Dalmatian, Ravenswood VIC, 0429353046, dalterrakennels@gmail.com
  • CCDALS, Dalmatian, Ballarat VIC, 0414320884, ccdals@hotmail.com
  • UNDAMURRA, Dalmatian, Kiewa VIC, 0421 181 439, undamurra@gmail.com
  • PRIDAL, Dalmatian, Hawkesdale VIC, 0402024663, pridaldalmatians@gmail.com
  • EDELEVLEK, Dalmatian, Warragul VIC, 0421734103, edelevlek@hotmail.com
  • KANDYSPOT, Dalmatian, Echuca VIC, 0408 525 161, kandyspot@hotmail.com
  • DALSUE, Dalmatian, Tanjil South (near Moe) VIC, 03 51601301, dalsue@hotmail.com
  • PROMISAR, Dalmatian, Bendigo VIC, 0417808562, promisardalmatians@hotmail.com
  • NEEHI, Dalmatian, Buangor VIC, 0438489730, neehidals@gmail.com
  • ALMANZOR, Dalmatian, Beaconsfield VIC, almanzordals@gmail.com
  • BANGOR, Dalmatian, Modella VIC, 0421691067, bangorstud@bigpond.com
  • GALAXYPARK, Dalmatian, Drouin South VIC, 0408341053, galaxyparkdals@gmail.com
  • BOGIEVIEW, Dalmatian, Everton VIC, 0419877508, bogieviewdals@gmail.com
  • SPOTHEDIFRNZ, Dalmatian, Yinnar VIC, 0422151974, spothedifrnzdals@gmail.com
  • LORAUL, Dalmatian, Wyndham Vale VIC, 0409947253, lorauldalmatians@gmail.com
  • MELLSDALS, Dalmatian, Leopold VIC, 0418504193, mellsdals@gmail.com
  • REAYNE, Dalmatian, Kyneton VIC, 0410060880, reaynedalmatians@gmail.com
  • ELITEFRENCHY, Dalmatian, Rolling Meadows VIC, 0422456602, elitefrenchydals@gmail.com
  • WATILL, Dalmatian, Tatura VIC, 0402597479, watilldalmatians@gmail.com
  • CHERRYMOUNT, Dalmatian, Dereel VIC, 0447868111, cherrymountdals@gmail.com
  • DALMATIAZOLA, Dalmatian, Mildura VIC, 0439465007, chlobell86@gmail.com
  • PAMPARD, Dalmatian, Yuroke VIC, 0432078239 / 0433 796 333, shellie@pampard.com.au
  • HEADWICK, Dalmatian, Ripplebrook VIC, 0430089567, headwick.kennels@gmail.com
  • BRYLIV, Dalmatian, Bendigo VIC, 0408 571 754, brylivdals@gmail.com
  • PAMPARD, Dalmatian, Yuroke VIC, 0433796333, shellie@pampard.com.au
  • RONSAAN, Dalmatian, Jindivick VIC, 0423347782, ronsaandals@gmail.com
  • HAYJABRE, Dalmatian, Rochester VIC, 0412200105, hayjabredals@gmail.com
  • ANTARAPARK, Dalmatian, Lakes Entrance VIC, 0497953103, antaraparkdals@gmail.com
  • DANINDA, Dalmatian, Buckland VIC, 0419594508, cathie.e.king@gmail.com
  • SPOTSONAVON, Dalmatian, Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs VIC, 0418485772
  • DEBTIN, Dalmatian, Nyora VIC, 0421 276 321

  • Dalmatian Puppies Ads in Victoria

    Looking for a Dalmatian puppy? In the following ads, you can find Dalmatian puppies for sale near me. You can also find adult Dalmatians for breeding in Victoria.

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    Pampard is pleased to offer a 10 week old female dalmatian with black spots.

    She is a beautiful natured girl wh...

    Pampard is pleased to offer a 10 week old female dalmatian with black spots.
<br>She is a beautiful natured girl who has been raised with children.
<br>She is ready to go to her new home now.
<br>She has been vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, number 956000003030385, hearing tested with perfect hearing and is registered with the Victorian Canine Association.
<br>Please contact 
<br>Shellie on 0433796333 or Jonathan on 0411695889


    We are pleased to announce the mating of Australian Champion Whytewood Georgie Gold E.T. (Chocolate Spotted) to Australi...

    We are pleased to announce the mating of Australian Champion Whytewood Georgie Gold E.T. (Chocolate Spotted) to Australian Champion Jalorca Britenshine (Black Spotted). Both parents have achieved Best In Show status. This is a repeat of the mating that produced Australian Champion Jalorca Takin Care Of Business and Jalorca U Aint Seen Nothin Yet. Puppies will be due to be born around 20th April and all puppies will be black spotted.
<br>Puppies will be:
<br>Vet checked at 3 days and again at 6 weeks
<br>Dew claws removed,
<br>Received first course immunisation,
<br>VCA registered - pet puppies will have ′limited′ registration
<br>Puppies will come with a comprehensive guide for caring and feeding your puppy, lead and collar, toy and ′mummy′ blanket (has mother′s and sibling′s scent on it so settling into the new home is less stressfull for the puppy)
<br>We are also happy to provide on going support and advice for the lifetime of the puppy.
<br>We have been involved in the breed for over 40 years and are focused on good temperaments and sound construction. 
<br>If you would like to know more please feel welcome to contact us.
<br>Telephone enquiries will be answered between 7.00pm - 10.00pm. Emails will be answered when time permits


    Pridal are super excited to announce the expected arrival of our first litter of puppies on the 5th of April 2024. This ...

    Pridal are super excited to announce the expected arrival of our first litter of puppies on the 5th of April 2024. This litter has been carefully selected with the expert advice of reputable breeders.
<br>Dam; ′Pippa′ (Luvdbi Oh My Gosh)
<br>Sire; ′Obama′ (Pampard President Elect)
<br>Both parents have superb temperaments, with very special bloodlines despite their limited but successful careers in the show ring at young ages. 
<br>A certificate has been obtained from my vet that states in their opinion, microchipping the pups before 6 weeks of age would significantly prejudice their health. 
<br>Puppies will be;
<br>Vaccinated (1st course)
<br>Microchipped (at 6wks)
<br>Wormed & Vet checked
<br>BAER hearing tested
<br>Registered with the canine association
<br>Supplied under a limited or full register
<br>Provided with puppy packs and blankets
<br>Sold no earlier than 8 weeks of age
<br>Provided with ongoing breeder support
<br>Our puppies are raised in a kennel free family environment here at Pridal, which includes several acres of free space to roam with children and horses. The puppies also have the added advantage of having initial obedience training in addition to good social skills from the exposure to other household dalmatians and outings, and growing in the home of a professional government dog handler.
<br>Expressions of interest are now being taken for puppies which will be available in June 2024.
<br>Please contact 
<br>Alisa (Licensed Breeder No; 3100031709)



    UNDAMURRA are pleased to announce the puppies have arrived 03.02.22 - 7 boys & 3 girls, b...

<br>UNDAMURRA are pleased to announce the puppies have arrived 03.02.22 - 7 boys & 3 girls, both black and liver (chocolate) spotted babies.
<br>Mother is Poppy - Kandyspot Red Poppy
<br>Father is Jack - Aust. Ch. Whytewood Jack Athe Whytehouse (AI)
<br>I have this gorgeous 7 week old chocolate brown (liver) spotted boy M/Chip 981000300617510 available & ready to go to his new home this Easter weekend.
<br>All our puppies are vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, hearing tested, registered with Dogs Victoria on either the Full Register for show and breeding purposes or on the Limited Register for family companions. All puppies will take home a ′Puppy Pack′ with a toy, mummy blanket and information folder.
<br>Puppies are raised and socialised with children and other dogs both inside and outside the house.
<br>If you are interested in giving one of these babies a forever home, please feel free to contact Darleen either by text, email or by phoning 0421 181 439.


    Lendalbas has a litter on 11 Feb 2024 from
    Sire: Ch Lendalbas Black Pharamir ET
    Dam: Arraflin Tyga Q
    We have...

    Lendalbas has a litter on 11 Feb 2024 from
<br>Sire: Ch Lendalbas Black Pharamir ET
<br>Dam: Arraflin Tyga Q
<br>We have male and female puppies. On Vet′s recommendation we have a certificate stating they are too young and will not be microchipped until 6 weeks of age, microchip numbers will be posted then.
<br>Both parents have bilateral hearing (BAERcom tested). Puppies will be tested the same way, be vaccinated, microchipped, and wormed before they go to their forever homes. 
<br>We have been breeding Dalmatians since 1989 and supply a comprehensive puppy pack with our puppies. Anne holds a Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition and a judging license for Dalmatians. Puppies are raised in a family environment with socialising with children and other dogs.

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