Fila brasileiro for sale Australia

Indeed, Fila brasileiro dogs are banned in Australia, whether they are purebred or mixed breed. They are considered restricted breed dogs, and their importation is forbidden according to the Commonwealth Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations of 1956.

Breeding Regulations for Fila brasileiro by State in Australia

Is it a crime to breed Fila brasileiro dogs in Australia? | Penalties and Restrictions

Discover the legal implications of breeding Fila brasileiro dogs in Australia. Currently, it is considered a criminal offense with penalties that may result in up to 6 months of imprisonment or a fine of up to 60 units. Whether you are the owner or not, you are subject to these stringent regulations. The offense occurs when someone knowingly or recklessly allows the breeding of these dogs. Get the details on the current rules and steer clear of questionable practices!

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in New South Wales

Fila brasileiro New South Wales

New South Wales takes a strict stance on Fila brasileiro breeding. The breed is restricted, and activities such as breeding, selling, or giving them away are strictly prohibited under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Here's an overview of the penalties under the Act:

Stay informed and comply with these regulations to avoid legal consequences related to Fila brasileiro ownership in New South Wales.

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in Queensland

Fila brasileiro Queensland

In Queensland, Fila brasileiro breeding is prohibited, and the sale or giveaway of this restricted dog breed is strictly forbidden.

Can I Own a Fila brasileiro in Queensland?

According to Queensland regulations, ownership of a restricted dog is only allowed with a valid restricted dog permit obtained from local authorities.

Requirements for Keeping Fila brasileiro Dogs in Queensland

Once a Fila brasileiro is classified as dangerous, menacing, or falls under the restricted breed category in Queensland, owners must adhere to specific requirements mandated by local authorities. These include:

As of January 1, 2022, the distinctive collar for a regulated Fila brasileiro dog must meet specific specifications, including being yellow and red striped with a reflective element for visibility in low light conditions.

Fila brasileiro owners in Queensland must comply with these regulations for responsible ownership and management of their dogs.

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in South Australia

Fila brasileiro South Australia

Under South Australia regulations, owning a restricted dog is strictly prohibited unless you have acquired a valid restricted dog permit from the relevant local authorities.

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in Victoria

Fila brasileiro Victoria

Under Victoria regulations, possessing a restricted dog is strictly prohibited unless you hold a valid restricted dog permit from the local authorities.

Can Fila brasileiros be bred in Victoria?

Breeding Fila brasileiros is strictly forbidden in Victoria, Australia. Engaging in such activities is considered a criminal offense, and individuals involved may face severe consequences. Offenders could be subject to a maximum penalty of up to 6 months' imprisonment or a substantial fine of 60 penalty units, regardless of ownership.

It's crucial to note that this prohibition applies regardless of the breed of the other dog involved in the breeding process. Even if the resulting puppies are not Fila brasileiros, the breeding is still considered unlawful. Authorized officers have the right to investigate suspected cases and may request DNA samples, which will be analyzed by accredited laboratories such as:

Owners also have the option to obtain their own DNA samples and have them analyzed at a laboratory of their choice. However, it's crucial to emphasize that breeding Fila brasileiros without the appropriate permits and documentation is a violation of the law. It is strongly advised to carefully consider the legal requirements and potential consequences before engaging in any breeding activities involving Fila brasileiros.

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in Western Australia

Fila brasileiro Western australia

Under regulations in Western Australia, it is strictly forbidden to own a restricted dog without a valid permit obtained from the local authorities.

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in Canberra

Fila brasileiro Canberra

Under Canberra regulations, owning a restricted dog is strictly prohibited without a valid permit obtained from the local authorities.

Regulations for Fila brasileiro in Tasmania

Fila brasileiro Tasmania

There are no Fila brasileiro breeders in Tasmania, mate. It's a restricted dog breed, so breeding, selling, or giving them away is strictly prohibited.

Can I Buy a Fila brasileiro in Tasmania?

If you're interested in becoming the proud owner of a Fila brasileiro in Tasmania, it's essential to follow proper procedures. You must apply to your local council for approval.

According to regulations, the sale or transfer of a Fila brasileiro can only occur once the future owner has obtained necessary approval from their council. This ensures responsible ownership and adherence to local guidelines.

Once your council grants approval for the transfer or sale of the Fila brasileiro, it's crucial that the seller promptly notifies the council within 24 hours of the transaction.

Ensure a smooth and lawful process by applying to your council and obtaining the required approval before becoming the proud owner of a Fila brasileiro in Tasmania.

Comprehensive Guide to Fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro guide

Fila Brasileiro: A Majestic Molosser Breed

Belonging to the molosser section, specifically the mastiff type, the Fila Brasileiro is a remarkable breed known for its athletic build and distinct molosser characteristics. With males weighing over 50 kg and a shoulder height ranging from 65-75 cm, this breed stands out as a powerful and typical mastiff. The Fila Brasileiro shares common features such as wrinkled skin and a long muzzle with mastiffs and hounds. The neck wrinkles are often referred to as "papada" by experts. Females, in addition to their smaller size, exhibit a more slender build compared to males. The V-shaped, hanging ears and short coat, which can be solid or brindle with small white markings, complete the distinctive appearance.

Originally developed in Brazil, the Fila Brasileiro had its first breed standard established in 1946. While formally introduced at dog shows in Sao Paulo during the 1930s and 1940s, these dogs had been an integral part of rural farms for centuries, diligently performing the tasks they were originally bred for. The breed showcases a molosser morphology that reflects both its historical roots and its adaptability to contemporary settings.

Fila brasileiro have their roots in Brazil.

On average, Fila brasileiro live between 9-11 years.

Black: A sleek and elegant black coat, adding a touch of sophistication to this powerful breed.
Red/Fawn: Vibrant shades of red and fiery hues, showcasing the breed's robust and energetic nature.
Brown/Chocolate: Rich brown or chocolate tones, providing a warm and earthy appearance to the Fila Brasileiro.
Fawn: A light fawn color, offering a gentle and pleasing hue to the coat of this magnificent breed.
Sand: A sandy coat, reflecting the natural and outdoorsy essence of the Fila Brasileiro.

Females: Minimum weight is 40 kg (88 pounds).
Males: Minimum weight is 50 kg (110 pounds).

Females: Range from 60 to 70 cm (23.5-27.5 inches) at the shoulder.
Males: Range from 65 to 75 cm (25.5-29.5 inches) at the shoulder, excluding the head.

Overview of the Fila brasileiro Breed

Fila brasileiro breed

History of the Fila brasileiro

The Ancestors of the Fila Brasileño made their way to South America alongside European colonizers. In Brazilian lands, this distinguished breed underwent a gradual evolution through strategic crossbreeding between various mastiffs and hunting dogs. Their original purpose played a pivotal role in the early stages of breeding, focusing on specific tasks. This fearless canine excelled in hunting large prey and home surveillance, performing essential roles in these functions. Over time, the breed showcased its prowess not only as a hunter but also as a herding dog and guardian. However, it's important to note that, unfortunately, the forebears of the Fila Brasileño were also used during colonial times to suppress the indigenous population, participating in the monitoring of slave plantations and the pursuit of runaway slaves.

The selective breeding of the breed, based on a visual standard, began in 1948. In 1954, the first specimens arrived in Europe, where they have enjoyed growing popularity since the 1970s. European breeding activities were primarily concentrated in Germany and Austria. In its homeland, the Fila Brasileño has become a beloved companion, renowned for its proverbial loyalty as a cherished family member.

The Puppy Stage of the Fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro puppy

Knowledge and Perseverance: These traits are essential for anyone considering adopting a Fila Brasileiro. Right from the breeder's home, the dog should undergo comprehensive socialization to prepare for the future. Enroll them in a puppy and adult school to interact with many dogs and practice social skills. Be consistent from the beginning and prevent undesirable behaviors in adulthood, such as jumping on people. Consider the strength and speed of this dog. Remember that this combination surpasses you physically, making impeccable training crucial. The Fila Brasileiro matures relatively late, like all molossers, resulting in a prolonged puberty. A clear, non-violent tone will help make them sociable and trustworthy, even though they may never be an easy dog.

Character of the Fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro character

The intriguing history of the Fila Brasileño immediately suggests its unwavering confidence, bravery, and marked territorial nature. The majority of these specimens tend to take charge in various situations, demanding constant guidance with perseverance and extensive knowledge. In the presence of strangers, this impressive guardian dog initially exhibits a cautious demeanor, accentuated by its deep bark that reinforces its imposing presence.

Given the Fila Brasileño's inclination to be aggressive towards other dogs, early socialization becomes imperative. Despite its imposing appearance, this breed reveals itself to be exceptionally affectionate, demonstrating remarkable sensitivity to everything affecting its points of reference. Its protective instinct manifests unequivocally, making it a loyal companion.

The outstanding sense of smell in this accomplished hunter doesn't miss even the subtlest trace. However, exercising caution is crucial, as it will pursue any trail with unparalleled tenacity.

Easy to train

Likes children

Can live in an apartment

Can be left alone

Suitable as a first dog

Gains weight slowly



Does not tend to bite

Does not tend to bark

Does not tend to escape

Sheds little hair

Suitable as a guard dog


Suitable to have with cats

Energy level

Feeding a Fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro feeding

Importance of a Balanced Diet: As mentioned, a nutritious diet is crucial. So, what should the Fila Brasileiro eat? It's important that the percentage of meat is high and tops the list of ingredients. Cereals with low nutritional value, such as wheat, should not be present in a quality food. A clear list of ingredients will help you assess the food's quality. For example, if a chicken variety feed includes the following: "meat and animal by-products, of which 4% is chicken," you should question the composition of the remaining 96%. With high-quality food, you won't have doubts.

If you choose to provide dry food or a mixed diet of dry and wet food, look for special varieties for large breeds. The kibble size and nutritional composition are perfectly adapted to the animal. The protein content should be lower in puppy food than in adult food. To complement the diet, you can regularly offer bones or chewable dry items. Regarding treats, ensure the furry friend maintains a healthy weight and avoid snacks with cereals and sugar. For instance, a good option is dehydrated or raw beef and dental treats, such as chew strips.

Care for the Fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro care

Easy Coat Maintenance: The short coat of this dog is easy to care for. Brush it with a brush or a rubber-bristle glove once or twice a week. If you want to reduce the amount of loose hair around the house, do it more frequently. Massages with grooming gloves are a relaxing pleasure for these furry friends and strengthen your bond. Only bathe them in emergencies with a mild canine shampoo. Generally, dirt can be removed with a brush when the coat is dry. In summer, the Fila Brasileiro enjoys taking a dip to promote coat cleanliness. Clean their sensitive ears only with a special ear product. If their nails grow too long, trim them to prevent them from getting stuck and causing harm. You can do it yourself with nail clippers. If in doubt, consult the veterinarian for the best way to do it.

Health of the Fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro Health

Potential Health Issues: Like many large dogs, the Fila Brasileiro is prone to hip dysplasia. Elbow dysplasias are also possible, though less frequent. When purchasing a puppy, inquire about relevant examinations of the parents, documented in writing. Proper selection can significantly reduce the risk. Ensure the furry friend maintains a healthy weight, as excess weight is detrimental to joints and can worsen existing problems. Additionally, the Brazilian Mastiff should rest after meals to prevent the risk of dangerous gastric torsion, especially prevalent in large breeds. It's advisable for them to eat after a walk and take a nap to aid digestion. Otherwise, the Fila Brasileiro is a robust dog. With appropriate exercise and species-appropriate nutrition, they can live up to eleven years.

Guardian Instinct and Self-Assurance

Exceptional Guarding Instinct and Self-Confidence: With a calm nature, it's crucial to note that Fila Brasileiros exhibit remarkable tolerance and docility with family children and other pets, provided proper socialization occurs, and they are raised together. However, it is not recommended to leave them unsupervised with adults or children who are not direct family members. Within their family nucleus, Filas demonstrate immense loyalty and dependence, portraying a gentle and affectionate "giant."

Where is the Fila Brasileiro Prohibited?

Restrictions on the Fila Brasileiro: It is also prohibited to have them unleashed in public places. They are classified as dangerous dogs in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Venezuela, Italy, among other countries.