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Helping Your Dachshund Lose Weight: 5 Tips

Dachshund fat

If you've ever thought to yourself, "My Dachshund is overweight," this article is for you. In addition to consulting with your veterinarian, you can follow these simple tips:

Go for a Run with Your Dachshund!

There's a saying that goes: "If your dog is overweight, you're not exercising enough." How about going for a jog from time to time? You don't have to become a professional runner; you can simply play in the park to see who's faster.

Reduce His Food Portion

In many dog food brands, the recommended daily amounts are indicated by weight ranges. For example, a Dachshund weighing between 7 and 10 kilos should eat between 115 and 150 grams. If you also offer treats to your Dachshund, serve the minimum amount indicated (in this case, 115 grams) to avoid overfeeding.

Reward with Play, Not Food

If your Dachshund is carrying extra weight, it's crucial to take it seriously as his health is at stake. If the vet has forbidden treats, respect that, but don't neglect his training. When your Dachshund does something good, how about throwing his favorite ball or giving him that beloved toy? He'll surely enjoy it just as much!

Make Mealtime an Adventure!

If your Dachshund is a fast eater, there are toys on the market that will slow down his eating and help stimulate his cognitive abilities. Look for a large rubber Kong toy to stuff with his food or a maze-like feeder.

Take at Least an Hour-Long Walk Every Day

Most Dachshunds need a minimum of daily physical exercise. If your Dachshund is used to going out two or three times a day for a quick bathroom break, consider taking a longer walk at least once a day. Not only will you help your Dachshund shed those extra pounds, but it will also improve his socialization with other dogs and people, allow him to enjoy new scents, and contribute to better sleep.

Recommended Dog Foods for Weight Loss

If you're looking for dog food options to help your furry friend shed some pounds, here are some recommendations:

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal low fat

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal low fat

Hills Diet id low fat

Hills Diet Canine i/d Low Fat
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