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 They have been for an overall vet check aswell as first vaccination and microchip. They are both very friendly little dogs that have been in a household with young children. Both parents are pure-bred blues.

How can I assess the reputation of a breeder before buying a puppy of any breed?

Before committing to purchasing a puppy, it's crucial to research and assess the reputation of the breeder. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you're buying from a reputable breeder:

What documentation should I expect to receive when buying a puppy of any breed?

When purchasing a puppy, it's important to receive the appropriate documentation to ensure the health and well-being of the animal. Some documents you should expect to receive include:

Are there any health guarantees or return policies in case of issues with the puppy of any breed?

If the puppy presents health issues or does not meet expectations, it's important to know the options available. Some breeders offer health guarantees or return policies in case problems arise. Additionally, there are legal provisions that protect buyers in case the puppy has health issues. It's important to review and understand these policies before making the purchase.

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